Legendary Monsters - Join Louisville's Premier Halloween and Haunted House Team


We present you, the monster hoard! Without this team of incredible monsters, none of what we do would be possible. We are forever grateful for all of their hard work to bring these experiences to life. We hope that you join the team and become LEGENDS. (*entire team not pictured)



Dr. Michael Book

CEO, Owner

Brian Ward

VP, Owner

Jim Bulleit

Public Relations

Garry O'Brien

Cluemaster & DR Manager

Rod Whitenack

Senior Editor

Antonio Pantoja

Media Director

Cindy Fenwick

Production Manager

Ethan George

Safety Manager

Tabby Gray

Wardrobe & Production Manager

Chad Bennett

Registration Manager

Ashley Book, MS

Danger Run Manager

Missy Newland

Danger Run Manager

Katie Rogers

Finish Line Manager

Kristen Taylor

Cafe & Gift Shop Manager

Joe Bulleit

Cluemaster Emeritus

Mike Kimzey

Monster Emeritus