Legendary Monsters - Join Louisville's Premier Halloween and Haunted House Team


Becoming a Legendary Monster is more than just scaring people. It is about joining a team that lives and breaths Halloween. If you look at the world through orange-colored glasses and love the Halloween season, then becoming a Legendary Monster is for you.



As a member of the Legendary Monsters, you will be connected with other like-minded people just like you. Not only will you network with members of our team, we collaborate with other attractions in the region and across the nation. You will have your fingertips on the pulse of the Halloween industry! Most people don't realize it, but people in the Halloween industry come from all walks of life. Within our network, there are doctors, lawyers, scientists, computer programmers, teachers, hospitality professionals, serial entrepreneurs and many more! Establishing these valuable connections with people that share your love of Halloween can benefit you well beyond just the Halloween industry. Becoming a legendary monster can benefit your lifelong career goals!


Do you have an interest in learning how to create some of the amazing things you see in a haunted house? Or do you have these skills with no outlet for your talents? As a part of the Legendary Monsters, we are always looking to help you advance your knowledge and skills. We want you to be in control of getting as much out of being a part of this incredibly talented team as you can! Our team collectively has over 50 years of experience in the Halloween and haunted attraction industry and some are formally trained in the special effects industry. We welcome anyone that has an interest in learning and participating in the creative processes so that you can grow your skills to reach your goals.


Being a member of the legendary monsters comes with its perks! When we aren't busy scaring people or coming up with ways to scare people, we also take time to have fun! In collaboration with the other attractions in town, we will have team outings to some of the other haunted attractions in the area. Outside of the season of scaring, we plan bowling nights, picnics, movie nights and etc! We are constantly looking for fun ways to spend time as a team, because after all we all have similar interests and can grow together!

Giving Back


Being an influential member of community carries with it the responsibility to give back and support this amazing city and industry. Without them, we would not be able to pursue our love of Halloween and share it with the world. As a legendary monster, you will have opportunities to participate in activities that give back to the Louisville community and the Halloween industry to support the greater good. Some events include (but are not limited to): bullying prevention, charitable haunted houses, fundraisers, character appearances, walks and more!


While we see salary as the least valuable benefit of being a Legendary Monster, it is normally a central question to those interested in becoming a part of the team. We are proud to say that we offer one of the most competitive salaries in the local industry. In addition to the base pay, we also offer a variety ways to earn bonuses throughout the season.


As a member of the team you are eligible for our Monster Scholarship Program. Join to learn more!


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